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Hi All,
We are happy to announce our Sirena template integration with Phoca Cart — the best Joomla shopping and e-commerce extension for Joomla.

Why Phoca Cart?

To create a beautiful and feature-rich shop/e-commerce website on Joomla CMS, you should choose the most advanced and easy to use e-Commerce Joomla extension for it. Phoca Cart is exactly such a solution. If you compare it with other e-Commerce extensions and if you will test them, you will find out that they are very complicated to use and you will spend a lot of time figuring out how their setting works out. …

All our Joomla templates are available with Joomla Quickstart Package which is a copy of the JoomForest template demo site.
Joomla Quickstart Package contains Joomla content management system files together with the template, extensions, and sample demo data.

1. How to Download Joomla Quickstart Package?

For downloading Joomla Quickstart Package navigate in our Download section and choose the desired template. Make sure that you are downloading Quickstart Package, NOT a Standalone Joomla template or whole Package.


JoomForest is the leading Joomla templates provider. We offer a great collection of Free Joomla templates that are responsive, modern and feature-rich.

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